Say Hello to the Award-Winning Menstrual Disc

Hello Disc™ is the world’s most innovative and easy-to-remove menstrual disc. Suction-free, IUD-friendly, period sex-friendly!

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  • Comfortable

    No icky feeling. No rashes. No bloody pee. No odour. Just clean and mess-free!

  • Wear for 12 hours

    Insert the menstrual cup once and forget about your period for the rest of the day!

  • Safe

    Medical-grade silicone is clean, non-toxic, and free of harmful chemicals.

  • Save the planet & your wallet

    A menstrual cup is reusable and lasts up to 10 years. Never buy a pad or tampon again.

Ready to try a menstrual cup?

We've packed everything you need to start using the cup – a period cup, a mini pot to clean your cup, and jelly lubricant for a smooth and easy insertion!

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How does it work?

A menstrual cup sits inside the vagina just like a tampon. Instead of absorbing and drying out the vagina, the cup collects period flow while providing 12 hours of leak-proof protection so you can dance, swim, and sleep in peace!

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  • Medical-grade silicone cup that you can wear for up to 12 hours and enjoy leak-proof protection
  • Leak-free panty with layers to absorb your flow while keeping you dry and comfortable