• Reusable silicone cup that you can leave in for up to 12 hours and forget about your period
  • Reusable panty with layers to absorb your flow while keeping you dry and comfortable
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    Feel nothing

    No icky feeling. No odour. No rashes. No bloody pee and poo.

  • 12 hour clock

    Wear for 12 hours

    5x the capacity of a pad or tampon. Insert in the morning, forget about it for the rest of the day.

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    Healthier vagina

    Made of medical-grade silicone, keeping your vagina naturally moist

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    The sustainable choice

    1 cup can last up to 10 years. Save your wallet and the planet.

Period Cup Starter Kit

Transitioning to the cup can feel intimidating, but don’t worry! The starter kit comes with all the essentials you need – a menstrual cup, sterilising pot and lube for a smooth insertion.

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How does it work?

A period cup sits comfortably inside your vagina and collects blood instead of absorb. It forms a seal to prevent leaks like a vagina plug! So go do whatever you want—dance, swim, sleep. The cup stays put so you can enjoy worry-free periods.

Learn how to use menstrual cup
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