Kitmas Period Kit

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Menstrual Cup
Mini Pot

The Kitmas Period Kit is the perfect gift for the friend who has been thinking about trying a period cup. Show her that you've been paying attention with this thoughtful gift box!

Each kit comes with everything you need to get started—a period cup, mini pot, and lube, along with a hot water bottle for period cramp relief.

📦 NOTE: Christmas cards are packed INSIDE the box by default as the box will arrive wrapped. If you'd like to have it packed outside the box so that you can write your own message, please leave a note in the 'Message' box above.

  • Menstrual Cup

    of your choice

  • Mini Pot

    to sterilise your cup
  • KY Jelly Lube

    for easy insertion

  • Hot Water Bottle

    for cramp relief

Give the gift of period freedom

If you're period cup user, you would know that it's life-changing. When you gift someone a menstrual cup, you're giving them a gift that lasts beyond Christmas.

Practical, with a touch of magic

This kit comes with all the essentials AND a cute snowman that'll take care of your period cramps. It's a practical gift with a lil' bit of fun!

  • Sterilise the cup

  • Fold and insert

  • Empty, rinse, repeat

Make it personal

Send us your personalised message when you add on a Christmas card and we'll have our elves write it for you!