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A hot water bottle is like a warm hug for your uterus. Simply fill it with hot water and place it on your lower tummy to ease period cramps and provide comfort.

Comes with a rubber water bottle and a removable outer cover.

Note: We recommend filling your hot water bottle only ¾ full, and never with boiling water. Ensure that the cap is sealed tight.

Product Details

Warm time: Up to 6 hours
Capacity: Holds 800ML - 1L of water
Material: Made of natural rubber
Size: 25 x 17cm (please allow minor differences in measurements)

Heat therapy for cramps

Heat relaxes tight muscles and increases blood circulation, which helps to ease the pain.

Instead of grabbing a pillow next time, grab a hot water bottle (which is like a warm pillow!)

Not just for period cramps

Got a back or neck ache? You could use the hot water bottle for that too!